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    Featured Trainer and Athlete

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    Featured Athlete & Trainer for Everlast

    Viktoria Telek & Greg Plitt

    America's Top Fitness Model

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    Viktoria Telek

    Wilhelmina Fitness Model

    Belly Fat Burning Workout

    Belly Fat Burning Workout

    Warm Up:
    1 Minute Jog in place and bringing knees up as high as you can.
    30 Seconds Butt Kicks
    10 Squats reach for the ground and then over head
    10 Standing Alternating Toe Reach lifting leg up in front

    Workout: Complete 5 Rounds, 30 second rest after each round if needed (both legs =1 rep)
    20 Jack Squats or 20 Jumping Jacks and 20 Regular Squats
    20 Bicycle Crunches
    20 High Knees
    20 Alternating Toe Touches laying on your back
    20 Standing  Bicycles or Knees to Elbows
    Hands behind your head, Raise your knee up to opposite elbow,keep your chest up and your back straight

    Summer Beauty & Fitness

    Summer Beauty & Fitness

    This summer boost your fitness regiment with  swimming & poolside exercises by Viktoria Telek.
    Swimming is great for your cardiovascular system, to lose weight, burn fat and tone your arms. Swimming is low impact and is a great alternative if you have any injuries or weak joints.  Depending on your skill level and effort you should aim to swim for at least 20 laps or for at least 20 minutes.

    If you’re a beginner then break up the laps into 4 rounds and after a few laps jump out of the water and complete the following exercises:

    A. Plank Hold- position your body as if you were going to do a push up.
    Beginner: Hold for 30 seconds
    Intermediate: Hold for 30 seconds and then 30 seconds of mountain climbers (bring your knee up to your chest one at time.
    Advanced: For the first 30 seconds complete as many push ups as you can and then 30 seconds of mountain climbers.

    B. Triceps Dips– Place your hands pointing towards your heels on a step, or sturdy bench and bend your elbows to lower and then slowly press up without locking your elbows.
    Perform as many reps while maintaining good form for 30 seconds.

    C. Oblique Twist with a Side Crunch- Come into a push up position and lower down to your elbows. Then rotate to one side, back to center and then to the other side.
    Advanced: In side plank bend lower your hips without touching the ground and lift your hips before you rotate, then add a leg lift when you return to center.
    You can add lunges around the pool and squats to increase the intensity.
    After you have completed your exercises, then jump right back into the water and complete a few more laps.
    Repeat for 3- 4 rounds

    Summer BEAUTY Tips
    Look great after your workout in minutes with 5 must haves. Less is more, so get rid of all that make up for the summer and try these tips.

    1. Sunblock: protecting your skin is always the number #1 advice for years of great skin.

    2. Waterproof Maybelline Black Mascara:  Keep applying on and on and on-specially in the summer, keep adding on.

    3. Tinted Moisturizer: Switch your face makeup to a tinted moisturizer in the summer. Wearing bikinis with less on the face is a natural soft beautiful look.

    4. Shimmer or Bronzing Powder: For a bare-faced look & beautiful glow, mix shimmer or bronzing power with your sun block.

    5. Color for a Natural Look:  TAKE a Deeper SHADE LIP color or gloss and use it for your lips then dab your finger into the color and blot your cheeks.


    Volleyball Workout

    Volleyball Workout

    Volleyball Workout
    Do each exercise for 45 seconds; push your self to complete maximum number of reps. Rest for 15 seconds then move to on to the next exercise.
    High Knees
    Ice Skaters
    Football Fast Feet In/Out
    Jump Squats
    Forward Lunge
    Feet Together Hops
    Foot Speed over & back
    Side Shuffle
    Mountain Climbers
    Repeat Twice then move on to Leg & Core Exercises

    Part II LEGS:
    Complete the number of reps shown below for each exercise.
    After you do all the exercises for Legs rest for 1 minute and repeat 1-2 more times.
    20 squats
    20 Lunges
    20 Split jumps
    10 Squat Jumps
    After you have completed 2-3 sets go to Part III

    Part III Core
    Complete 20 reps of each exercise, Repeat for 2 sets of 20
    Elbows to knees
    Wide Leg 2 inches from ground open/close
    Staggered Push ups


    YouTube Preview Image

    Total Body Workout

    Total Body Workout

    1. 30 High Knees- each leg counts as 1/2
    2. Single Leg Front Squat with Bicep Curl- 15 reps each side
    3. Single Leg Bent over Flys- 12 reps on each leg (warrior 3)
    4. Plank Jumps side to side- 20 reps total
    5. Crab Jumps- Hips up and alternating toe reach 30 reps total.
    6. Low Power Squat in and out.- 20 reps.
    7. Bridge chest Press – 20 reps
    8. Over head wide Dumbbell lower to Squat  then Press up- 20 reps
    9. Single Arm Press diagonal Lunge- 30 reps. (15 on each side)
    10. Single Arm Rows Standing with one leg back- 30 reps. 15 each side.
    11. Plyo Pushups or Jump Push Ups- 12 reps. or max. reps
    12. Pull Ups- max. reps.
    13. Burpees with Knee Twist- 10 reps
    14. Mountain Climbers- 30 reps. each leg counts as 1/2
    15. Backwards Lunge with one arm press- 30 reps
    16. Single Arm Extension ( reach arm behind the head crunch up & press hand to sky- 20 reps. 10 on each side.


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